New Life Motto: “For Fun!”

My therapist told me I need to “stop running”, and while it seemed to make sense at the moment, it REALLY makes sense now.  I find myself never doing anything for fun.  Whenever I embark on a new hobby or activity, it goes from “this is cool” to “how can I become the greatest ever at this and make money off of it.”  I so hate my job and essentially my life that I’m constantly looking for a permanent escape from my reality.  Even creating this blog became a for-profit effort in my head before I even finished registering for a wordpress account.

Realization is the first step to recovery (I may have made that up, but it sounds good).  I recognized my unhappiness with life and have decided to do more things FOR FUN.  This blog is my first attempt at a “for fun” lifestyle.  I want to use it to not only create a blog for no reason at all, but to document the random, “for fun” experiences.

Here goes me attempting to relax my mind and go from “for profit” to “for fun.”


What do you think?

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