The “Demand”

“What are you going to do to make me stop eating?”  Had someone told me before becoming a Weight Watchers leader that folks thought just showing up would make them skinny, I wouldn’t have believed them.  However, on NUMEROUS occasions, I’ve encountered members who think it is my responsibility to MAKE them lose weight.  Having lost 60 pounds myself, I know the struggle, the slip-ups, the successes, the set-backs, and every other emotion starting with an ‘s.’  But, never once did I put the responsibility of my weight loss on someone else.  

“What are you going to do to make me stop eating?”  This is a question I expect from a child, or a teenager – not a grown ass adult.  Yet, here I am, faced with a woman twice my age, demanding me to give her MY action plan for HER weight loss.  WTH?!  Did I miss something?  When did folks stop taking responsibility for their station in life?  As a society, have we become less responsible for our weight, success, financial situation, romantic relationships, our life?  I think we have.

Well, in case you’re wondering how I responded to that question, here it is.  “Nothing.  All I can do is provide the tools that have been proven to be successful in a weight loss journey.  It is your responsibility to learn how to use them and apply them to your life, as you see fit.”  Some of my nicer members chimed in with eat apples and drink water, but this lady was resistant to anything except passing the responsibility of her weight loss journey onto others.

2 thoughts on “The “Demand”

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