Marriage: Why?

Hello.  My name is Ayanna.  I am 30 years old, unmarried, and normal.  There is nothing “wrong” with me.  I do not have a ton of cats (or any for that matter).  I am not LOOKING for “Mr. Right.”  I am not lonely.  I am not desperate.  I am fine.  Being unmarried is a choice, despite popular belief.

People put way too much value on marriage and having babies.  I don’t quite understand why they’re viewed as an accomplishment or challenge.  Neither one requires much effort (Note:  I am not saying maintaing a HAPPY marriage and raising a child is easy, rather, GETTING married and MAKING a baby takes little effort).   Unless you and your mate are both arm and leg-less, sex is quite simple (I definitely would pay to see torso porn).

I love when cats look like people I know

The wedding is the only thing that would excite me about marriage.  Honestly, I would just like to redo the scene from “Coming to America” and have Debbie Allen choreograph my procession.  Either that, or ride a HUGE tortoise down the aisle while holding a blinged out stick with a carrot in front of him.

What really is the purpose of marriage?  Why can’t two people just enjoy each other’s company, share as much space/money/responsibilities as they decide without involving the government/IRS/50+ guest/photographer/caterer/minister?


What do you think?

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