…but I STILL wouldn’t f**k him


Really weather.com?! These are your advertisers? I know ad agencies pay close attention to the location and placement of ads…this was found right below a video for “Tornado Caught on Camera.” I’m not sure how I should feel or what I should do, however, what I do know is weather.com doesn’t consider me part of their demographics. I’m assuming the only people they think are searching for the forecast in Owings Mills, MD are 40-50 year old white men. Maybe I should just stick with the Yahoo! weather updates on my iPhone.


4 thoughts on “…but I STILL wouldn’t f**k him

  1. OMG…

    HE ~ Needs at the VERY least to shower (sweat from things other than sex is NOT sexy!)

    Cambridge Scientist ~ Need to learn more about advertising

    Weather.com ~ Needs to change the title of their artical, “Tornado Damage Caught On Camera”


    • With the number of required improvements to this ad, I deem it an absolute #FAILURE. This man makes me not want to ever get old and impotent (is that how you spell it?)

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