My New Dream & She-ro

Jennifer Nicole Lee, my dear, I have a serious girl crush on you. #nohomo (not that homo is wrong, just ain’t what I do). Why? Because not only is your body amazing, but your story is soooo inspiring.

JNL’s Before & After

If you asked me when I was 8, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” I would’ve told you “skinny” (and a movie star, but I lump skinny under the movie star umbrella – Hollywood has way too many fat, women of color). Being chunk-tastic for the majority of my life, I always dreamed of having the “perfect body” (and I mean MY perfect body, not looking like [insert famous actress here]). Jenn (since we’re BFFs now, abbreviated names are acceptable) went from being overweight, topping off at 200lbs (which is where I topped off too, I’m 5’4″ FYI) to being a TOP Fitness Model!! She’s been on numerous magazines and TV shows, is an author, a model, an endorser (one of those ab machines), and a TON of other things. I LOVE YOU JENNIFER NICOLE LEE aka Jenn-dizzle!

Over the past few years, I have managed to lose a little over 60lbs with Weight Watchers and have gone on to become a meeting room leader (check out this post about my experiences with that job). My body is DECENT, but still a work in progress, and I’m actively working on losing 15 more pounds. I have a mental image of what I want to look like, and yes, it is extremely realistic. My image does not require any type of surgery where fat will be exported from one region of my body to another…though a badunkadunk would be a nice addition to my rear view. My image is healthy and maintainable, but requires hard work, dedication, and the avoidance of shortbread. I WILL achieve this image!!

Now, I’ve been known to have what most call “pipe dreams,” beginning sentences with “when I grow up…” – I’m definitely on the Peter Pan Plan. I have decided I want to be a fitness model. Now…wait! Hear me out! This decision didn’t just manifest itself one night while eating popcorn and watching an Insanity infomercial. This has been rattling in my brain for a few years and I’m finally ready to go to work on it. I still want and am pursuing my stand-up comedy and acting career (can’t call it a dream anymore since I’m actively doing it), with comedy always being my first love. However, who ever said we’re capped off at one MAJOR dream? I am excited and anxious to dive into this new journey/dream! Fortunately, my new BFF, Jenn-dub has a program, “Fitness Model Program.” I think I found where to spend that overtime money:-)

What are your “Pipe Dreams?” Will they remain dreams or do you plan on working on making them reality?


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