Weekly Weigh In: Week 1

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I lost a little over 60lbs on Weight Watchers and now work part-time as a meeting room leader. While I have been successful on the program, I have not met my PERSONAL goal (hit my Weight Watchers goal of 137 July 2011). In my last post, I decided to begin the journey of accomplishing a new goal of being a fitness model. I really don’t want to call it “new” as it’s been rattling in my head for a minute. So, I got back into “member mode” at Weight Watchers and began tracking my food, weighing-in weekly, and pretty much just following the advice and instruction I give my members.

Before & After

One topic we always visit in Weight Watchers is having an “anchor,” something we ground ourselves to when we feel we’re starting to float away from our goals and going off plan. An anchor can be anything from a keychain, to a mantra, to a blog (see where I’m going??). I decided to post my “weekly weigh-in” on my blog for numerous reasons:

1. When I think about eating shortbread (did I mention shortbread was my FAVORITE type of cookie?!), I’ll remember I have to get on that scale on Sunday and I will be posting that weight here.
2. It might motivate someone else who’s trying to reach a weight loss goal.
3. These types of list always have a #3, but I really can’t think of a 3rd reason.

So, here’s my progress thus far:
June 24th: 141.6lbs, STARTING WEIGHT (as you see, I had been eating shortbread)
July 1st: 140.4lbs, DOWN 1.2
July 8th: 138.8lbs, DOWN 1.6 (total loss 2.8)
July 15th: 138.6lbs, DOWN 0.2 (total loss 3.0 – I was really pissed with that 0.2 loss!)
July 22nd: SKIPPED (no one’s perfect)
July 29th: 137.6lbs, DOWN 1.0 (total loss 4.0)

A healthy weight loss is anything between 0.5lbs to 2.0lbs per week, and my goal is to do this the healthy way. I’ve set mini-milestones along the way to keep me motivated, with the next milestone at 135lbs. I *think* my personal goal is 125 but, I haven’t found enough information yet on bikini fitness models to know what the ideal weight is for my height. In addition, I signed up for Tough Mudder (doing the September 9th event in Frederick, MD) and I promised myself I would be 125lbs crawling through the mud.

As my body begins to change, I’ll post some update pictures. I am so excited to be back on plan because each time I restart Weight Watchers, I learn something new which makes it that much easier to stay on plan, and me that much more successful.


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