Business Casual…Maybe Not

I’m out of order for this. I know I am. And I should care. But I don’t. I woke up at 8am this morning and needed to be out the door by 830, so finding the “perfect outfit” was not in the cards.

I can feel my coworkers eyes drop from my eyes down to my other eyes, and I can’t blame them. Most folks don’t see titties between the hours of 8am – 5pm, Monday – Friday. 40 hours a week, we are subjected to a titty-free environment, and I don’t understand why!


What is so offensive about breast? They’re natural! And according to numerous food advertisements “natural” and “fresh” are supposed to invoke feelings of great health and vitality! Eat fresh, all natural products, my breast – its all the same!

I know some of my conservative uptight coworkers are probably thinking I wore the dress to get attention, but actually, I’m wearing the dress because I was rushing…and it was clean. Not to mention, I only paid $7 for said dress!

Maybe I’m paranoid. Maybe my breast aren’t that obvious. Maybe I’m setting the new standard for “business casual.” Either way, I have titties and I’m not afraid to show them!


2 thoughts on “Business Casual…Maybe Not

  1. The sexiest comedian ever!!! You have MUCH more to look at than them breasts. But you are right; that’s nothinh but hate that you gettin’……

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