Weekly Weigh In: Week 2

I gained…I’m so disappointed. I can’t say I’m surprised, but I am slightly shocked at how much I gained. So, here are the stats:

June 24th: 141.6lbs, STARTING WEIGHT (as you see, I had been eating shortbread)
July 1st: 140.4lbs, DOWN 1.2
July 8th: 138.8lbs, DOWN 1.6 (total loss 2.8)
July 15th: 138.6lbs, DOWN 0.2 (total loss 3.0 – I was really pissed with that 0.2 loss!)
July 22nd: SKIPPED (no one’s perfect)
July 29th: 137.6lbs, DOWN 1.0 (total loss 4.0)
August 5th: 140.0lbs, UP 2.4 (total loss 1.6)

Not to bore you with the details of my eating and [lack of] exercise this week, I do recognize some key factors that contributed to this gain:
– I struggled with getting my daily allotment of water
– I went to dinner at Great Sage with the boyfriend last night and didn’t plan to be in control. When I don’t plan on being in control at a restaurant, essentially, I’m planning to be out of control. I’ve revisited this lesson many of times, however, eating out and staying on plan is one of the most challenging things for me.
– Wednesday night, I waited way too long to eat/didn’t have adequate snacks with me (translation: I didn’t plan) and when I was able to eat, I ate WAYYYYY more than I should’ve…WAYYYY more.
– I started taking advantage of the 0 points+ fruits on Weight Watchers. And, by “taking advantage,” I mean I ate 4lbs of grapes in 2 days. #dontjudgeme
– I barely exercised all week.
– Thursday & Friday night, I got a case of “the snacks” aka “the munchies” aka “what the hell is in my house so I can eat ALL of it?!”.

I try hard not to just focus on the bad in situations with unpleasant outcomes. Yes, I need to own up to what I did, however, I need to acknowledge there were some successes in the week. Here is what I did RIGHT:
– I tracked the majority of the week.
– I weighed in (thanks to my members at my Sunday meeting for encouraging me to face the music and write a post about it – as I promised myself I would).
– I ate more fruit than I normally would.
– Hell, I tried! And I will keep trying!

I didn’t lose the first chunk of weight by being perfect or beating myself up when I gained. I lost it by sticking to the plan, working the plan, and KNOWING I was going to get to where I wanted to be. I heard an Albert Einstein quote today while listening to the Life Habits podcast which pretty much wraps up my thoughts on accomplishing goals/failure management (aren’t they the same thing?),

It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.

I am staying with this “problem” (or challenge) as long as necessary to accomplish my goal.


4 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh In: Week 2

  1. There really needs to be a disclaimer with PointsPlus that reads: While fruit is 0 points it is not a food you can eat with ill regard. And I think WW should push still portioning or talking about what a portion of fruit really looks like because let’s face it – binging is binging and a habit worth breaking no matter what food it is. I also struggle with this and hate that when I eat too much fruit I gain weight. 😦

    • Yeah, I’m pretty upset – not that I gained, but by how much I gained! I’m hoping some of that was fluid or whatever and I drop it (and more) this week. Goal this week is to get to 137. Plan on exercising like a mad woman and drinking a ton of water. And…laying low on the fruit. At least if I eat popcorn or something like that, I track it and it “counts.” SMH. Not weight watchers fault, however, I agree with you. Now we know.

      • I try (heavy emphasis on try) to only eat 3 fruits a day and the rest of my veggies be green veggies. That seems to help. And I try to only stick to 5 “Free” servings before I consider tracking them as 1 point per serving. Granted it’s much easier said than done but perhaps that might be a helpful way to look at it this week??

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