Oh my goodness (note: what I’m about to post is so ridiculous, the acronym, ‘OMG’ was just not enough). So, I was on Youtube, searching me (had to send a booker a clip to *hopefully* get a gig), and I found a gospel music video I had worked on from YEARS back. YEARS!! Like, forever ago years!

It’s amazing when you look back, and I mean literally, LOOK back on things you did in the past, it brings up all these feelings of nostalgia. Watching this video made me remember how it felt to truly not like my body, the shitty ex-boyfriend I was with at that time, how lost I was in the world of entertainment (more lost than I am now), and just how young I was, but how old I felt. I remember trying to write a joke about being in a gospel music video and just not being able to make it work. To this day, I have no clue what the premise of that joke was, but, at that moment, I thought I had just mined GOLD!!

Anywhos, check it out. I remember my wardrobe was all from Old Navy and I thought I was doing it big with that dress and jacket. I still have that jacket, however, I’m swimming in it now. Young, dumb, and hopeful. *Sigh*


2 thoughts on “OMG!! IT IS ME!!

  1. It’s hard to see ourselves at times when the feelings of unhappiness come flooding back so quickly but thankfully that person, those feelings, and that time of our life is over with and now we can just appreciate more of where we come from and how strong and beautiful and happy we are today!

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