Weekly Weigh In: Week 3

Sorry for the delay, but things got a bit hectic. It’s one of those weeks where Monday morning rolled around and I knew I wouldn’t have a day to relax until the following Sunday. I really need to structure my life a little better, because I feel I am more busy than I am productive, which ain’t the goal. Anywhos, onto the topic of the post – my fat! Rather, my fat removal efforts. I am down 2lbs, but, that still doesn’t put me at the lowest in this journey.

June 24th: 141.6lbs, STARTING WEIGHT (as you see, I had been eating shortbread)
July 1st: 140.4lbs, DOWN 1.2
July 8th: 138.8lbs, DOWN 1.6 (total loss 2.8)
July 15th: 138.6lbs, DOWN 0.2 (total loss 3.0 – I was really pissed with that 0.2 loss!)
July 22nd: SKIPPED (no one’s perfect)
July 29th: 137.6lbs, DOWN 1.0 (total loss 4.0)
August 5th: 140.0lbs, UP 2.4 (total loss 1.6)
August 12th: 138.0lbs, DOWN 2.0 (total loss 2.4lbs)

Yes, I know, I SHOULD be happy – it’s a loss. The thing is, I won’t really get excited until I’m under 137. 137 is the lowest I’ve gone and been able to maintain – and even that is a chore. The sad thing is this week I’ve been out of sorts and haven’t really been tracking. I’ve been getting exercise in for the most part (started jump roping – who knew that was such a ridiculous calorie burn?! I guess a lot of people).
Anywhos, as usual, this post made me conscious of my ways (which is what it should do), and though I am all over the place physically and mentally this week, I intend for my fat to be in one place: anywhere but my body.

I challenged my two Weight Watcher meetings to drink 6-8 glasses of water/day this week. Getting water is a huge struggle of mine, for whatever reason. I don’t really mind the taste, I just forget to drink. Am I the only one struggling to get enough water?


5 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh In: Week 3

  1. Keep it up! I’ve dropped about 25 lbs in 4 months myself. I got really serious when I did my first performance on TV and realized that I was huge.

    The funny thing is, I had all of this fat material …like, A LOT of fat material. I seriously thought to myself, ‘If I get skinny…what am I going to say on stage?’

    I seriously thought that…Jesus. Chicken wings are so powerful that they have the ability to impersonate my psyche in the attempt to convince me to stay fat.

    But the best part about losing weight is that I feel better and have more energy. Keep at it!

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