What Does a Vegetarian Do With Wing Sauce?

I HAVE FANS!! OMG!! I never thought I would ever be able to say that, and not be talking about my sister or best friend, Tara. I have legit, bonafide, aren’t related to me, FANS. Clearly, I need to begin working on my acceptance speech for my Oscar. However, before I do, this post…

ONE (cause I have more than one) of my FANS (I love saying that), tweets me, asking if he could send me some of his sauce to sample. Umm…err…nooo?? That was my response. Well, turns out, he owns his own wing sauce company. Oh! That kind of sauce! I was thinking…ne’er mine. Of course I would love to sample your sauce! Especially cause I NEVER turn down free stuff (you should see me at career fairs – I got pens from 63 Fortune 500 companies. I’m thinking, if I collect all 500, it will be worth something on Pawn Stars?)!

Now, I am a vegetarian, who hopes to one day, grow up to be a vegan. I have been a vegetarian since the day I bit into that “burger” in the West Halls cafeteria of Penn State. Twelve years later, I still have no clue what I bit, but I do know, it was NOT beef. Moooo. Ruff. Meow.

This Rippin Red Wing Sauce has been sitting in my pantry for over 6 months, patiently waiting for me to find something veggie-rific to slather it on. In my quest for something delicious and nutritious to make for dinner, I found this post for Friggin Awesome Buffalo Tempeh Wraps on NoMeatAthlete’s Blog. It was fate! I had tempeh. I had Rippin Red Wing Sauce. I had arugula. [Insert record scratching sound effect]Rippin Red Sauce and Tempeh
Y’all know I’m trying to become America’s Next Top Fitness Model, so, I opted to pass on the wrap, and sub in some arugula…and cucumber…and romaine…and heirloom tomatoes.
Buffalo Tempeh Salad
For those interested in duplicating my efforts, I just chopped up the tempeh into 16 pieces, sprinkled on some salt and black pepper, marinated in about 4 tablespoons of Rippin Red Wing Sauce for about 2 hours (I worked out and showered while it was in the fridge marinating), then threw (yes, literally THREW…okay, gently tossed) them on my George Foreman Grill for about 7 minutes. PERFECTION!

Thank you so much John Rizzotti for the free sample and for being a fan! I intend on thanking you and your sauce in my first Oscar acceptance speech! Listen out for your name after “Almighty God and Jesus Christ.”


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