Weekly Weigh In: Week 5

Week 5 Weigh In #Progress

I’ve definitely taken a new approach to weight loss. This approach is unlike anything I’ve done in the past. I’m not focused on the scale. I’m not stressing over staying within 26 points plus values per day (for all my Weight Watcher folks, y’all know what I’m saying). I’m not being obsessive about being skinny for my vacation in October. What I am doing is setting weekly goals, and focusing on accomplishing them.

Last week’s Weekly Weigh In, I wrote down 3 of my weight loss goals:

• drink 8 glasses of water/day
• earn 4 activity points plus values/day
• track EVERYTHING I eat & drink

I was determined to accomplish every, single, last one of these, every day. For the most part, I blew right through them. Why? Cause I’m a G…and I knew exactly what it was I needed to accomplish for the day. Imagine that! All I needed was some focus! Wednesday I only earned 3 activity points. That was the same day I ate french fries at an open mic (thanks Julie for sharing). HOWEVER (and this is a HUGE “however”), earning 4 activity points plus values per day would equate to 28 for the week. I finished the week having earned 41! How you like me now?! [Insert me doing the choreographed dance from the Sensa commercial]

So, here’s where we are:

June 24th: 141.6lbs, STARTING WEIGHT (as you see, I had been eating shortbread)
July 1st: 140.4lbs, DOWN 1.2
July 8th: 138.8lbs, DOWN 1.6 (total loss 2.8)
July 15th: 138.6lbs, DOWN 0.2 (total loss 3.0 – I was really pissed with that 0.2 loss!)
July 22nd: SKIPPED (no one’s perfect)
July 29th: 137.6lbs, DOWN 1.0 (total loss 4.0)
August 5th: 140.0lbs, UP 2.4 (total loss 1.6)
August 12th: 138.0lbs, DOWN 2.0 (total loss 3.6lbs)
August 19th: SKIPPED (just couldn’t bare to do it)
August 26th: 137.6, DOWN 0.4 (total loss 4.0)

I know it may seem like it’s slow (cause it is), but, I’m still learning my body. And, regardless of how long it takes, giving up just ain’t an option (did I mention, I’m a G?). I’ve been looking at a ton of stuff on the internet about fitness models. I can’t wait until the day my dream comes true and I’m on the stage competing in my first bikini competition.

Post Run Picture

45 Minutes on the Treadmill – Jogging with Hills

This week, I’ve upped the anti and challenged my friend Sara to a Goal Duel (I really had to google to figure out if the word was “duel” or “dual” – #publicschooleducation). We both created a list of 10 goals. Whoever accomplishes the most for the week, wins. Here are a few of my weight loss goals:

• drink 8 glasses of water/day (carryover from last week)
• earn 4 activity points plus values/day (carryover from last week)
• track EVERYTHING I eat & drink (carryover from last week)
• do 30 push-ups/day (I need to increase my upper body strength)
• 3 strength training workouts for the week (I am the Cardio Queen – now I need some good steel pipe in my life)
• get at least 7 hours of sleep a night (CHALLENGE)
• pack my lunch everyday this week (already missed today, but I’ll keep trying)

I’m well on my way to being amazing! One goal at a time, and I will reach my destination. What are your goals for the week and how are you doing on them? Care to join our challenge??


4 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh In: Week 5

  1. Thank you for this…as I sit and notice the extra buldge around my waist I was pondering were to start. Your goals are perfect. Now printed and taped in my office, bedroom and kitchen to follow tonight, i’m motivated.

  2. Damn. You’re gonna make me use my gym membership, aren’t you? I feel like I should eat a plate of ribs before I do this. Yo, I don’t even really like ribs. No excuses. Time to reduce the sexy to increase the sexy! I’m in for the challenge!

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