Formerly Fat

So sorry for the lack-o-post! I’ve had lack-o-time since there was lots-o-work to be D-U-N (that means ‘done’).

Anywhos, figured since I was working so much, I would show you guys me in action, at one of my [many] jobs. I’ve been slaving over this bit for a few months now, and I *think* (fingers crossed), I have it where I want it to be – for the moment, at least.

Let me know what ya think (translation: leave a comment)!


7 thoughts on “Formerly Fat

  1. LOL! Too funny! I’m fairly new here, but I’m really enjoying your blog. I was engaged in an argument on Facebook about whether or not white privilege still exists (Yes, there are some cretins around who say it doesn’t) when I stumbled across your post about performing in some racist town, about how you were afraid of your car breaking down there, and I shared it to illustrate to this person that white privilege does indeed still exist, as a white person would never have had to worry about that.

    Enjoying your stuff! My mom did stand-up, so women in comedy have always been special to me.

    Also, I went vegetarian about 4 months ago, so I’m digging those posts too. Keep up all the good things you’re doing!

    • Well thank you so much for the positive comments:-) Your mom rocks (anyone who can get on stage and bare their soul, definitely is alright in my book).
      Racism still exists. It’s not as prevalent, and luckily, I don’t encounter it like this too often. We’re not that far removed from slavery, but being able to perform in those towns is a huge accomplishment in civil rights. Okay…I’m getting too deep.

  2. This bit is funny, both live and on video. My favorite jokes are when you talk about wearing a shrug and also the nonexistent musical celebration of arms 🙂

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