My Celebrity Look-Alikes

One of the most annoying things in the world, is when folks start off a conversation with “you know who you look like?!” Errrr!! MYSELF!! THAT’S WHO I LOOK LIKE! I’m not sure if I have one of those familiar faces, but it seems someone always has a cousin that looks just like me…or a friend’s girlfriend, or a former classmate, or a [insert random person]. At one point, I was getting stopped frequently in the DMV (DC/Maryland/Virginia Area) because I had a “twin” on the loose. I think I finally met her when I was waitressing. This girl did look like a bigger version of me, however, she was Sri Lankan. I guess M.I.A. and I could be sisters?? M.I.A.

After meeting my long lost twin, I then started getting the comparison to Chaka Khan. Really?! Chaka Khan?! I guess I kind of see it…but I don’t. What y’all think? Ayanna vs. Chaka Khan

Well, my most recent “look-alike” is Nikki Minaj. Granted, Nikki and I are from the same place (Trinidad & Tobago – Trini gyal right here!!) and we have the same mixture (Black and Indian – very common in the islands), I don’t really see the resemblance. Ayanna vs. Nikki Minaj

It’s cool being compared to a celebrity…provided they’re:
1. attractive
2. the same sex as you (as lipstick lesbian-esque as Justin Bieber is, I would never want someone saying I look like “The Bieb” – Note: I am not a lesbian…I realize how that could read differently.)Justin Bieber
3. a real person


Run, not walk to your nearest Weight Watcher Center, if someone says you remind them of Grimace!!

I’m flattered by both comparisons, cause they both are beautiful women. However, I can’t wait for the day, when folks go up to Nikki and say, “you know who you look like? Ayanna Dookie!”

Who do folks say is your celebrity look-alike? Do you agree?

7 thoughts on “My Celebrity Look-Alikes

  1. LMAO! I literally laughed out loud while reading this! I hope no one ever compares me to Grimmace!!! I worry they would not only be calling me fat but that they think I frequent McDonalds and enjoy hanging out with creepy clown men. People have compared me to the lady who did the Sweaty Balls skit on SNL. That’s it. I resemble no one else. And personally I don’t think you look like Chaka Khan. Or The Bieb.

    • Someone once told me I looked like Raven Symone on the metro and I threatened to beat their ass, immediately. The only cartoon I’ve gotten is one of those animae girls or Princess Jasmine. There’s a girl at my job that Chris and I call Grimace. Worst shape I’ve ever seen in my life!!

      • LOL. That would have been a funny fight. I didn’t know about the Black/Indian mix in Trini…. (just learned something else). I think you look like YOU; very unique. I too get compared to random celebs/relatives. Annoying!

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