Identity Crisis

An African American Coworker/Friend asked me “are you offended if someone considers you African American?”  Random question.  Not sure where it came from, cause we weren’t discussing this. But, clearly something happened in her life (or maybe I posted something on Facebook), which made her question my feelings toward this topic. I find it interesting […]

Why You Ain’t Got a Man?

Yesterday was spent shopping for a wedding dress for one of my besties, then a good convo with one of my travel buddies. Both women are in relationships where their spouse/soon-to-be-hubby absolutely ADORE them. I mean, love every, stankin bone in their body, every funky fart that comes out of them, every annoying…you get the […]

Christianity and Pyramid Schemes

Someone posted this on Facebook, with the caption “If you’re a Christian…”: This has got to be the dumbest shit I’ve seen. I mean, what was Lucifer aka Satan aka The Devil aka My Boss doing BEFORE Facebook? Better yet, before any type of shorthand, texting lingo? Do Christians really think this is good propaganda? […]