I haven’t yet posted my health and career goals for the new years, however, I loved this post about beauty goals and wanted to share:-)

Tiffany Payne-Griffin

As you make your resolutions for the upcoming year, make sure you include beauty and health goa

ls! I’ve been working on improving my overall health and being more cognizant of how I approach my own beauty routine. A few of my resolutions for 2013 are listed below:

1. Log my water intake DAILY! Drinking more water keeps my skin hydrated and makes my makeup look so much better!

2. Follow an exercise plan that works for ME versus someone else. Know thyself.

3. Limit the amount of cosmetics I purchase. This a common problem for makeup artists and product junkies.

4. Keep my cosmetic cases organized at all times! Doing so will prevent accidental repeat purchases of things I already own.

5. Moisturizing my hands and nails after every hand washing. I am a germaphobe but in my quest for clean hands and nails, I sometimes neglect to…

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