2013 Mission: Be Less Responsible

Seriously, my 2013 Resolution/Goal/Mission is to be less responsible.  Not in a reckless, get pregnant, end up on Jerry Springer kind of way, but more like a get home at 7am with a great story, knowing you got to be at work by 8:15 type irresponsible.  Why?  Because I have been sooooo responsible my entire life, and I want to live a little differently this year.

Speaking of this year (horrible transition), I have a lot on the horizon which I can not type…YET.  Not that I can’t, I chose not to until things are finalized (not counting my chickens before they hatch).  Part of my irresponsibility involves letting lose a little more (and typing ‘lose’ when I mean ‘loose’ in a blog post), taking more risk (hell! taking risk – period!), and dreaming more in order to make my dream a reality.

A few weekends ago, I spent a couple days in my soon to be new home (hint, hint) for my girl’s 30th birthday.  I was definitely less responsible and had a ball!

This looks a lot worse than it is...

This looks a lot worse than it is…

The weekend was filled with drama free friends, lots of liquor, and a careless attitude.  It had been so long since I let my hair down (even though it was in a ponytail the entire weekend).  Everything I’ve done throughout my life has been so thought out and planned.  From being overloaded with extracurricular activities in high school to working full time throughout college, getting my engineering and math degrees then moving on to getting a “good job.”  B-O-R-I-N-G!!

I want to have as much fun as I look like I’m having on Facebook!  Hell, when I look at my posts and pictures, I want to be me…then I realize I am me…and me ain’t having that much fun.  Sigh.  So, this year, 2013, the goal is to have a ball.  To live a little.  To take risks.  To have an adventure.  To live like I will never get this moment again – cause technically, I won’t.

Me (left) posing in front of my 2013 idols.  Now THAT is partyin!!

Me (left) posing in front of my 2013 idols. Now THAT is partyin!!

And…to quote my favorite bear and pig:

“What day is it?”
It’s today,” squeaked Piglet.
My favorite day,” said Pooh.” Winnie the Pooh & Piglet


One thought on “2013 Mission: Be Less Responsible

  1. you are exactly where i want to be next year. Ive been dying to move into this stage in my life . As of now responsibilities are overwhelming and fun comes in the form of a salad to treat myself on the weekends. i may have went out six times last year that i can count, but thats the life of a single father /casino technician. and by the way , aside from the comedy (glad you got your timing back ) your post are just as depressing as mine , small relateable posts (asians wining the black achievement award) about things you hate at a job that youre obviously dedicated to , all im saying is youre due for fun !!

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