Day 4: Creation = Motivation

I rarely give myself credit for the slew of projects I am involved in.  Prior to quitting my “day job,” I literally had 4 professions:  Engineer, Comedian, Weight Watcher Leader, and Actor.  Did I mention I am someone’s girlfriend too?  I have no clue how I managed all of them, but some how, things got done.  It wasn’t until crossing the Williamsburg Bridge from Manhattan into Brooklyn during my last trip to NYC that I realized I had quit my good paying engineering job.  It wasn’t a panicked realization, but more of an acknowledgement.  The next day, during my 9 hour drive to Ottawa, Canada to showcase for a club owner, I realized I truly do want THIS.  THIS being a life filled with purpose, excitement, hardwork, and accomplishment.  THIS being not feeling depressed every Sunday, dreading going into an office, wishing my life away, disguising it as looking forward to Friday.  THIS meaning being true to myself and honoring the gifts the Universe/God blessed me with.

I have a tendency to work on something, then forget about it.  It works better that way, as I’m not waiting on success, but rather, moving on to creating more content.  A year and change ago, I agreed to play the role of a sexy, home-wrecker, lawyer in a episodic written by a fellow comic’s brother.  It was a slow start to getting things moving, however, a few months ago, we actually taped.  Today, I was pleasantly surprised to see the edited copy on my Facebook page.

Watching myself on camera, whether it be stand-up, acting, or video blogging is EXTREMELY uncomfortable.  I’m now getting accustomed to  hearing my voice, and working toward being able to separate myself from my Artist.  Though the audio on this wasn’t great, and I see things I would’ve done differently if given the opportunity to re-film, I am excited by the product.  I have taken minimal acting classes and am not yet comfortable calling myself an actress.  However, I was pleasantly surprised by my performance.

Here is the World Premier of me as Dez Phelan, Esq in the series Diamond District.  I look forward to watching the project unfold and challenging myself to earn the title of “actress.”


6 thoughts on “Day 4: Creation = Motivation

  1. Congratulations!! Excellent job Soror! I can tell that you’ve studied your craft and it’s paying off. Life is so much more fulfilling when you’re living it on your own terms!

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