A Journal Post

I’m embarrassed it’s been this long since I’ve posted, but for some reason, every time I thought about writing, I got nervous and scared.  New York has been hazing me in ways I never imagined when I was planning this move.  I’ve gotten horribly sick AND I have no health insurance, my car got towed, […]

Light Bulb Moment

Day 7: Goal vs Dream

You ever feel like everything is out of whack? Like nothing is going right? You haven’t planned for anything…things just happen? And when I say “happen,” I don’t mean in a “gone with the wind” type of way…but rather like “screw this, it is what it is!”? Yep, that’s where I’m at right now. My […]

Day 4: Creation = Motivation

I rarely give myself credit for the slew of projects I am involved in.  Prior to quitting my “day job,” I literally had 4 professions:  Engineer, Comedian, Weight Watcher Leader, and Actor.  Did I mention I am someone’s girlfriend too?  I have no clue how I managed all of them, but some how, things got […]