Identity Crisis

An African American Coworker/Friend asked me “are you offended if someone considers you African American?”  Random question.  Not sure where it came from, cause we weren’t discussing this. But, clearly something happened in her life (or maybe I posted something on Facebook), which made her question my feelings toward this topic. I find it interesting […]

Tough Mudder, Part II: The Good, The Bad, The Muddy

WOULD I do Tough Mudder again? Yes. WILL I do Tough Mudder again? I dunno. I equate it to having your second baby (I haven’t had any babies, so this is based on what I’ve heard) – by the time you decide to have the second one, the pain from the first one is forgotten. […]

Tough Mudder, Part I: What It Is

What I’ve been dreading for 3 months, was conquered on Saturday. A few months back, my girl Alicia “invited” me to do Tough Mudder. For those who have no idea what it is, picture hell, except, you pay an entry fee (that ain’t cheap). Okay, I’m exaggerating…slightly. Maybe pergatory (or limbo, for those who’ve read […]