Light Bulb Moment

Day 7: Goal vs Dream

You ever feel like everything is out of whack? Like nothing is going right? You haven’t planned for anything…things just happen? And when I say “happen,” I don’t mean in a “gone with the wind” type of way…but rather like “screw this, it is what it is!”? Yep, that’s where I’m at right now. My […]

My Sex Life…at Work

There’s no surprise, I absolutely DESPISE my job. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. I should feel “happy” and “blessed” that I have a job during these tough, economic times. However, my coworkers are some of the nosiest, ignorant, annoying people I’ve ever encountered. This is not my first job in life, however, this current batch […]

Formerly Fat

So sorry for the lack-o-post! I’ve had lack-o-time since there was lots-o-work to be D-U-N (that means ‘done’). Anywhos, figured since I was working so much, I would show you guys me in action, at one of my [many] jobs. I’ve been slaving over this bit for a few months now, and I *think* (fingers […]